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2030-Piece Punk Mechanical Metal Large Dragon Model Kit – Challenging Puzzle (50cm)


200Pcs 3D Metal Puzzle DIY Oriental Dragon Phoenix Assembly Building Kit


DIY 3D Metal Assembly Deer Model Puzzle Kits


3D Assembly Building Model Kits of Steampunk Mechanical Jellyfish Metal Puzzle for Creative Gifts


Dancing Jellyfish Mechanical Model Kit: Ocean Animals


Tiger Paw Base: 100Pcs 3D Metal Model Kits Assembly DIY with Light


3D Metal Puzzle: Mechanical Aerospace Rabbit with Female Astronaut, Sci-Fi Punk Toy Set, 500 Pieces


Christmas Advent Calendar with 7 Small Steampunk Sea Creatures Model Kits


TECHING 3D Metal Puzzle: Bald Eagle Automaton Model Building Kit


DIY 3D Assembly Metal Large Unicorn with Wing Puzzle Model


Metal Puzzle 3D Animal Series (Griffin, Wolf, Cow, Horse)


4pcs 3D Metal Puzzles – Detachable DIY Assembly Kit Featuring Rooster, Cerberus, Elk, and Horse Models


3Pcs DIY Metal Assembly Panda Series Model Kit for Home and Collection Decoration


Steampunk Newsboy Turkey with Cap – 280-Piece 3D Metal Puzzle Kit


3D Metal Animal Puzzle Set (Tiger, Cattle, Cock, Horse)


Custom Assembled 714-Piece 3D Metal Mecha Mouse Model with Built-In Bluetooth Speaker