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Smithsonian Jet Engine Model Kit: Build Your Own Realistic Turbofan Jet Engine


SKYMECH Pulse RC Jet Engine Micro Valve-Controlled Gasoline Internal Combustion Model with Atomizing Sprayer (Ready-to-Run Version)


SKYMECH Pulse Jet Engine with Medium-Sized Valve-Controlled Gasoline Internal Combustion for Model Aircraft


SKYMECH Mini Turbojet Engine – Gasoline/Kerosene Internal Combustion Engine Model


SKYMECH PT6A Turboprop Model Engine Kit: Build Your Own Functional Turboprop Engine – Cutting-Edge 3D Printed Aircraft DIY Model


3D Printed AeroTurbofan Engine STEM DIY Educational Motorized Engine Model


WP-85 Turbojet DIY Engine Model Kit – 1/3 Scale Jet Engine Building Kit


Trent 900 Turbofan Engine Model Kit: Build Your Own Operable Jet Engine


SKYMECH NTR-900 1/30 Turbofan Engine Assembly Kit – Build and Run Your Own Fully Functional Miniature Turbofan Engine


TECHING DIY Turbofan Jet Engine Model Kit – 1/10 Scale Full Metal Dual-Spool Aircraft Engine Assembly Model with Over 1000 Parts


SKYMECH 1/20 Scale Turbofan Engine Model Kit: Build Your Own Functional WS-15 Turbofan Engine with 150+ Parts


Aircraft Turbofan Engine Model Kit | 1:20 TR900 DIY Aerospace STEM Learning Toy


5-Cylinder Radial Engine Model Kit (Working Model) – 1:6 Scale Metal Assembly with 250+ Pieces


5-Cylinder Radial Engine Kit with USB-Powered Motor (STEM Toy)


TECHING Full Metal Collector’s Aero Engine Model Kit