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Star Wars RotS: 1/12 General Grievous Model Kit


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General Grievous Star Wars 1:12 Model Kit

Prepare for the ultimate collecting experience with this highly detailed 1:12 scale model kit of General Grievous from the iconic Star Wars universe.

Crafted with precision, this kit features 5.08 cm in height and a meticulous design that captures the intricate details of the renowned Separatist leader. The model boasts an impressive wingspan of 5.08 cm, adding an element of grandeur to your display.

With 15.24 cm of length, this kit provides ample space to appreciate the intricate craftsmanship. Each section of Grievous’s cybernetic body is meticulously rendered, from the menacing cybernetic hands to the intimidating wheel lightsabers.

Whether you’re a seasoned Star Wars enthusiast or a fledgling collector, this General Grievous model kit promises an exceptional building experience and a stunning addition to any collection. Its compact dimensions allow for easy storage and display, while its intricate design demands admiration from all who behold it.

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